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Our History

Welcome To St.John the Divine Pemberton

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Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.

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On June18th 1815 the battle of Waterloo ended the Napoleonic Wars,as a thanksgiving for victory the Government gave a million pounds in 1819 to provide fast growing areas with new churches, followed by a further 1/2million in 1852. These churches became known as Waterloo churches St.John's being one, designed by Rickman(a Birmingham Quaker)and Hucthinson it is a typical Waterloo Church design with long lancet windows and three galleries on iron columns costing 4,913pounds at time of building. The church was consecrated on 26th Sept 1832 as a chapel of ease to the parish church of Wigan. Before 1832 Anglicans in the area had to travel to Wigan or Upholland for worship The first vicar was Joshua Paley.M.A Followed by Arthur CoatesB.A Clement Leigh Coldwell.M.A,John Leach.M.A,Harry Mitchell.M.A,Edward Francis Forrest.M.A.,Arthur Longden.M.C,Arthur Hope Johnson.M.A,Edmund Troup.B.A.M.C,John Henry Bartlett.A.K.C,Harry Douglas Hare.B.A,Edward Hugh Seal.B.Mus,Edward Rowlands,John A Southern B.A, Todays vicar is Colin Bryan Oxenforth B.A.Dip.Theol

Our Church * Church Street Pemberton Wigan